Los Fundadores y Amigos de Alta California

The organization was founded in 1987 as Los Fundadores, the Founders & Friends of Santa Clara County. In 1999, to address a larger state-wide membership, the name was changed to Los Fundadores y Amigos de Alta California.

The goal of the organization is to promote public awareness of Spanish and Mexican California, and the early families that are associated with the founding of the modern state.

* A quarterly newsletter is published dedicated to disseminating information on the history and cultural heritage of Alta California and its Hispanic families, with a genealogical timeframe of 1769-1852.

* Recognition is given to the indeginous Native Americans of California who settled the region over 10,000 years ago.

* Public events are promoted to celebrate the pivotal events in the foundng of early California.

* A permanent exhibit is maintained within the Los Fundadores & Pioneers Room at the Headen-Inman House Museum owned by the City of Santa Clara and operated under the umbrella of the Santa Clara Arts and Historical Consortium.

* Assistance with genealogical research is provided on a regularly scheduled monthly basis at the Headen-Inman House by Los Fundadores president Evalyn Martinez and other members.

The directors of the organization are:

* President/Secretary - Evalyn Martinez

* Vice President/Treasurer - Franklin Maggi

* Advisory - Gregg Castro, Helen Collins, Dorothy Wuss, and Tim Abney

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